Software art is created by a different breed of artists. Artists who utilize the latest tools and software to create unique, engaging experiences for your home. We will offer works by the world's most respected software artists.

Currently there are four software art titles to choose from. Many more are being created and will be offered in the coming months.

Tissue, by Casey Reas: Exposes the movements of thousands of synthetic neural systems. Each line in the image reveals the history of one system's movement. People interact with the software by positioning a group of points on the screen. By positioning and re-positioning the points, an understanding of the total system emerges from the subtle relations between the positional input and the rich visual output.
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Articulate, by Casey Reas: Forms structures that emerges through the interactions of autonomous software elements.
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Floccus, by Golan Levin: Ductile filaments drawn by the user swirl around a shifting, imaginary drain centered at the user's cursor. These filaments—torn by conflicting impulses to simultaneously preserve their length, yet also move towards or away from the user's cursor—find an equilibrium by forming gnarly, tangled masses.
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Stria, by Golan Levin: A system which responds to touch through the development of glowing spots, Stria is a study in infinitesimally slow change. Its interactivity permits its user to create and manipulate a slowly-evolving color field: after establishing a set of initial conditions by adding virtual material to a simulated terrain, the terrain is gradually and procedurally dissolved, in a graphic evolution transpiring on the scale of minutes, and sometimes even hours.
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